Let's take care of the forests. Together.

A consultancy for forest owners, a processing of subsidies, lectures, seminars, courses, preparation of expertise and forestry projects.

The Institute

The Moravian Forestry Institute is a forestry organization focused on educational activities, education and consultancy in the field of forest ecosystem, the development of practical forestry management, i.e. the performance of the function of a professional forest manager. Our goal is to support forestry management, which equally supports economically efficient, ecologically stable and socially fair forestry. We operate primarily in Moravia, Silesia and partly in Bohemia.

The Institute

Our Services


Accredited forestry consultants work in our institute, who will help you with the processing of subsidy matters, prepare an overview of subsidy support options, but also prepare expert projects with the aim of improving the management of your property. We also offer the services of a professional forest manager.

Forestry is the science of protecting and managing forest ecosystems for present and future generations. It is a philosophy using the knowledge of previous generations by current generations for those to come.

Kateřina Holušová