Caring for forests is our mission with the necessity to respect the laws nature and people.

For forest owners, as well as those interested in forestry, we offer forestry consultancy in various specializations (forest protection and restoration, forestry management, subsidies, nature conservation, transport, property valuation, etc.). We will be your partner in the management of private, as well as municipal or city forests. 

We will ensure proper property management, communication with the authorities, processing and preparation of applications for subsidies and services of a professional forest manager. We hold lectures and courses focusing on forestry or nature conservation.


  • Expert Forest Manager

    As expert forest managers, we will be your partners in terms of forest management. We offer solutions to the complex issue of forest protection, selection of tree composition, cultivation care, establishment and restoration of forest stands, development of adaptation measures to improve the state of the forest, we will prepare an analysis aimed at improving the economic results of management, we will ensure communication with the authorities, etc.).

  • Subsidy consulting in the field of forestry

    We are accredited forestry consultants. We will help you with the processing of applications for financial contributions for forest management or other related subsidy titles that will benefit your property. We develop projects in the framework of adaptation of forest ecosystems to climate change or with the aim of making your management of forest assets more efficient.

  • Education and awareness in forestry and nature conservation

    We offer a wide range of expert lectures and courses focusing on forestry, but also the protection of forest ecosystems. We will tailor the lecture or specific course to your requirements (according to the target group). We cover a wide spectrum of knowledge based on deep professional foundations and practical experience.

  • Valuation of the forest and expert opinions

    We carry out the development of expert opinions in the framework of forest valuation, sale or purchase of forest, as well as the issue of ecological damage, damage to property or other complex issues in the field of forestry.

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