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The Moravian Forestry Institute is an associating organization foresters who have many years of experience as in both forestry practice and forestry science. 

Our goal is to raise awareness of the underappreciated and irreplaceable importance of our forests, including deepening knowledge of active management and care of forest ecosystems. In this spirit, we carry out educational, awareness-raising, consulting and scientific activities aimed at the support and development of forestry and forest care. We provide consultancy for forest owners (private or municipal). 

We are here for them as expert forest managers. We prepare professional studies, expertise and consultancy for interested parties on how best to take care of forests. We will also help in handling subsidies and financial support for forest management. We hold lectures, courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, expert excursions in forestry and nature protection for professionals and the general public.

We perceive the forest not only as a national wealth, but as an irreplaceable component important for the existence of a healthy landscape, a healthy environment and a healthy society. 

We are supporters of forestry management with an emphasis on high ecological stability and at the same time using the considerable economic potential that our forests have. Both can be achieved only by supporting professional and careful forest management, including orientation towards timber trade. 

We are aware of the fact that the greater the diversity of the species composition of woody plants ensuring high biodiversity, the greater the economic returns can be expected. This rule supports the idea of establishing stands of ecologically stable, but surprisingly also economically highly profitable forest stands. 

Our ambition is to become an important entity that helps society in the Czech Republic understand how important forests are to us. And that from all aspects of permanent sustainability while respecting the equivalence of ecological, economic and social importance.

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